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The place to swap/trade your Apple Watch Bands/Accessories

As pointed out by a number of people, and confirmed on the Apple website, the Apple Watch Sport comes with two bands (one Small-Medium and one Medium-Large). This will not be two complete bands and will instead consist of one part with the buckle, and one each of the medium and large with the holes. As such, we thought it might be a good idea if there were a place where we could swap colours with one another, or even sell and buy unwanted bands. Maybe you want two mediums, maybe you want two large...maybe you want to sell the complete band to fund a Milanese. Either way, use this site to say what you want and/or what you have and let us match you with someone looking for the same. To get started, click Here or click 'Register' in the menu above.

Our goal is to put you in touch with someone who wants what you have, it's that simple. We don't charge you for this service (like some sites do), and we don't take a cut of any deal you negotiate. We're just about communication, and putting you in touch with a fellow person who wants to swap bands.

We've added extra options to allow you to swap/trade your spare links from both the Silver and the Black Stainless Steel bands.

We've added the latest Sport Bands to allow you to trade these too.

If you have any comments or suggestions or a feature you'd like to see, please use the Contact Us form to let us know and we'll get working on it.